Culture and vision of the Spuyt

We see the Spuyt as a club where the social aspect is the basis for the sporting aspect. At the Spuyt you come to have fun, get to know people and socialize in combination with a sporting activity. It is important to do things together, the club is what its members make of it. We see that the members are consuming a little more and it is becoming more difficult to find people who want to do something for the association.

We translated this culture into a strategy consisting of a mission, vision and ambition.


De Spuyt is a club for enthusiastic volleyball players. De Spuyt is a social basis for sportsmanship, and is (again) social thanks to (team) sports. De Spuyt is there to play volleyball and unite. We want to be a club where everyone feels at home.


Improve and rise/promote together; social and sporty with a structure that allows a good balance between them. The valuation of the history of the club is important in this respect. Not only the sport, but also the origins and traditions of the club makes us De Spuyt.


We want to grow along with the values ​​of individuals and time, but from the tradition of De Spuyt. Continuously finding the balance between the social and the sporty aspect is part of that.