Recreational and “Instuif” Volleyball

Recreational Volleyball

Recreational volleyball is for people who do not have any/ have little volleyball experience or just do not feel the need to play competition.

At De Spuyt, the recreational group consists of both men and women. We train weekly and regularly participate in tournaments (tipically once a month on Friday). During the training we explain/practice all basic techniques. Afterwards we always play a game.

Interested? Please contact our secretary for additional info. You can join for maximum 3 times without obligation.

Have you trained 3 times and you want to join the recreational players? Then you can register to the club with our secretary.

 Are you coming for the first time? Sign up with our secretary in advance. For any additional questions, just contact our secretary.


“Instuif” or “Drop-in” Volleyball

For more experienced players who want to hit a ball every week without (competition) obligations, De Spuyt provides an opportunity! On Monday evening from 20.00 to 21.30 hours everyone (level approx. 3rd to 5th class) can participate. There is no trainer and no joint warming up.

Cost: 2.50 per time